PPSN 2020 & IEEE COG 2020 - GVGAI Learning Competition

Organised by Hao Tong1, Yang Tao1 and Jialin Liu1

Steering Committee: Jialin Liu1, Julian Togelius2, Diego Perez-Liebana3 and Simon M. Lucas3

1 Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), China
2 New York University (NYU), USA
3 Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), UK

This GVGAI Single-Player Learning Competition is organised at the Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN2020) and the IEEE’s 2020 Conference on Games (CoG2020) .

More about the GVGAI competitions can be found here

Documents about GVGAI framework

  • A paper on IEEE Transactions on Games: General Video Game AI: a Multi-Track Framework for Evaluating Agents, Games and Content Generation Algorithms. -- by Diego Perez-Liebana, Jialin Liu, Ahmed Khalifa, Raluca D. Gaina, Julian Togelius, Simon M. Lucas.
  • A Morgan and Claypool Book: General Video Game Artificial Intelligence -- by Diego Perez-Liebana and Simon M. Lucas and Raluca D. Gaina and Julian Togelius and Ahmed Khalifa and Jialin Liu.

Only one ranking board will be used for two conferences.


  • Games' Name: golddigger, treasurekeeper, waterpuzzle
  • Training Levels: Level0 and Level 1
  • Testing Levels: Level2, Level3
  • Validating Levels: Level4
  • The training levels have been embeded in GVGAI framework. The testing levels will be released after the competition.
  • You Can Generate Levels by Yourself to Train Your Agent By VGDL!


  • Due to the long training time, the GVGAI server won’t be used for training your agent. Please train your agent using your own machine or server.
  • Only the trained model is required to be uploaded.
  • The ranking board only provides the rank on Testing Levels.
  • Winners are based on the Testing and Validating Levels!!


Download and set up the new GVGAI-Gym framework on your machine/server.

  • Docker:
    We have prepared the Dockerfile to help you set up the environment. Link

Training phase

Program your agent and train it

  • On as many games/levels as you want
  • Using as much time as you want for deciding an action per game tick
  • Using as much time as you want for training
  • On the training levels given by us

Test and Validate Phase

  • Unknown levels of the same games will be used for testing and validation.
  • You can find the script used for testing and validating in this webpage.


  • Zip your trained agent.
  • Submit your agent to the competition.
  • Submission will be opened From 23:59 (GMT), February 17th, 2020 To 23:59 (GMT), July 31st, 2020 .